Our History

With a rich history built on the merged talent and expertise of multiple CPA firms, we bring decades of combined experience to serve our clients with excellence.

A Strong History

Hibbs & Associates

A Trusted Name in Accounting Since 2004

Hibbs and Associates, founded in 2004 by Scarlett Hibbs, has grown from a local, independent CPA firm specializing in tax preparation into a full-service accounting firm offering consulting, advisory, and comprehensive solutions to a diverse clientele. Our experienced team is committed to providing personalized, high-quality service tailored to each client’s unique needs.

With a strong reputation built on leadership, excellence, and long-lasting client relationships, Hibbs and Associates continues to uphold the values upon which it was founded. We remain dedicated to offering expert advice, personalized attention, and unwavering support to help our clients achieve their financial goals and succeed in all aspects of their financial lives.

DCA Accounting & Tax

A Legacy of Excellence in Accounting

Donohoo, Cupp & Associates traces its roots back to 1966 when Donovan Donohoo, Sr. established a certified public accounting firm in Clermont County, Ohio. The firm’s legacy continued with Donovan Donohoo, Jr., who founded Donovan Donohoo, Jr. & Associates, Inc. in Milford, Ohio, in 1992. Under his leadership and later joined by partners Roger D. Cupp and G. Robert Lamb, the firm experienced steady growth, expanding its reach throughout the greater Cincinnati area and the Midwest region.

Today, Donohoo, Cupp & Associates is a full-service CPA firm recognized for its dedication to excellence, having been named one of the 25 largest tri-state accounting firms by the Business Courier’s Book of Lists in 2008 and 2012. With a commitment to upholding the legacy of exceptional service established by Donovan Donohoo, Sr. more than five decades ago, the firm provides expert guidance and support to help clients achieve their financial goals and succeed in an ever-changing business landscape.

Dingus and Daga. Inc.

From Humble Beginnings to Trusted Advisors

Dingus and Daga, Inc. was a professional accounting firm based in the Greater Cleveland area of Ohio. The practice was founded in 1954 by Mr. James A. Dingus, Jr., who initially operated it as a sole proprietorship. In 1975, the firm was reorganized into a partnership, and three years later, in 1978, it was incorporated as Dingus and Daga, Inc.

Over the course of more than five decades, Dingus and Daga, Inc. experienced consistent growth, which was largely attributed to referrals from their existing client base and their excellent client retention rates. The firm’s success was rooted in its commitment to providing the highest quality service to its clients, which was made possible by the firm’s small size and ability to develop a deep understanding of each client’s unique operations and systems.

Friedman, Leavitt & Associates, Inc.

A Legacy of Personalized Service and Expertise

Founded in 1973 by Leslie Friedman and Sherman Leavitt, Friedman, Leavitt & Associates began as a small accounting partnership dedicated to providing personalized financial services to individuals and privately owned businesses. As the firm’s reputation for excellence grew, so did the team, welcoming several talented accountants by the early 1980s. During this time, the firm became known for its deep expertise in tax planning, financial consulting, and business advisory services, all while maintaining a supportive and family-friendly work environment.

In 2007, after more than three decades of leadership, the founding partners passed the torch to their sons, Lee Friedman and David Leavitt. Under their guidance, Friedman, Leavitt & Associates has continued to grow and evolve while staying true to the core values established by the founders. Today, the firm boasts a team of over 15 dedicated professionals, offering a comprehensive range of accounting services while remaining steadfast in its commitment to providing personalized, high-quality service. As a family-owned business with deep roots in the community, Friedman, Leavitt & Associates takes pride in its history and remains unwavering in its mission to serve clients with integrity and create a supportive environment for its employees.

Our Promise

To Our Team:

We commit to fostering a people-first culture, where you are a valued member of a caring and dedicated team working towards collective aspirations. We are a community where knowledge sharing is the standard practice. You can achieve your financial goals with equity opportunities and incentives tied to both firm-wide and individual performance.

To Our Customers:

Our expertise provides access to industry-leading accounting and advisory services. We hold ourselves accountable through timely delivery and value-added, innovative solutions. Our solutions are relationship based and leverage technology with a commitment to quality.

To The World

We promise to create a culture of inclusion where we model fearlessness in the face of challenge. We promise to be active citizens and give back to our community and infuse the industry with integrity. We envision a world where prosperity is far reaching, and taxes are actually fun.